One of my favorite quotes from Strange Survivors

This is one of my favorite sentences of my new book. Please do not think of me as conceited. I just feel very excited and humbled for being able to write. As a lifelong bookworm, I get amazed every time I realize that I am in the proverbial “other side” of a book. Please enjoy the quote!


“…I wholeheartedly agree with Darwin’s contention that the difference between human and animal intelligence is one of ‘degree rather than kind.’ We’ll probably never know whether a chimpanzee, standing by the shore of a peaceful lake, watching the sunset, wonders what the brilliant circle of light slowly descending over the horizon might be, and we have even less hope of knowing what a fish in the same lake thinks while noticing the looming darkness. I, for one, am grateful for the opportunity to contemplate and even understand some of nature’s mysteries.”


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