The first batch of book reviews, interviews, etc., about Strange Survivors

Oh boy, Am I loving this writing adventure! Thanks to the good people of BenBella Books my new book, Strange Survivors is out! I feel truly blessed and excited, and I am enjoying this!

I’ve been interviewed at:

The Ikonokast Podcast and Blog

Cool Science Radio

Full disclosure: I start the interviews above in a tad rambling way, but once I got my bearings, I express myself in my full nerdish glory (:-)…

I’ve seen a few posted reviews; they have been very good (for the most part!). I will let you judge the book for yourself, so here they are (my favorite is the first one, though… (;-)…)

Seattle Book Review

Science Magazine


The Booklist review is behind a paywall, but we got permission to reproduce an excerpt. The review was written by Mr. Rick Roche:

“Despite this abundance of deadly defenses, Pagán contends that the most successful animals are those that cooperate with their kind or other species. Social insects, fish, and mammals build communities for species survival, while some symbiotic pairs, such as sharks and pilot fish, work together for mutual benefit. Most interesting is Pagán’s discussion of how single-cell creatures joined together to form large, multicellular organisms, including humans. This is a great pick for readers who enjoy watching PBS Nature and Discovery Channel programs.”

Also, Strange Survivors was also reviewed and profiled in the science section of La Repubblica, Italy’s main newspaper. Take a look!


(:-D… Credit: Mr. Giuliano Aluffi; posted with permission.

Also, there are some reviews at Amazon and Goodreads… Check them out!

I will update this page as other reviews/profiles come in. Please let me know what you think and thanks!


If you have any questions about the book, my contact information is listed below.

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