The Future of the Baldscientist Blog

Hello friends, I need some “Spiritual Guidance” from you. No, not the kind you think; I am deciding what to do with this blog, specifically if I should continue it and if so, what direction should I take it to.

I am very much involved in my writing, both the professional/research related, as well as my popular science books. I have one under contract (whohoo!) and a few ideas in mind, including setting up an author’s website.

As for the blog, I’ve been writing it for almost 8 years now, essentially writing anything and everything that comes to mind, from family to flatworms. I feel that I need to focus on a narrower set of topics in order to gain more audience.

I guess that what I am trying to ask of you is what interests you the most of the things that I write about?

Should I keep writing the blog at all? Is it useful to you?

I’d love your feedback! Thanks!


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  1. I probably agree with “List of X” above. My own preferences–what I like best among what you blog about–are the more (for lack of a better word) “philosophical” posts on science and (occasionally) religion or meaning-of-life concerns. In other words, I usually don’t read, or don’t read as closely, your more technical posts. And that’s okay! This is your blog.

    I should confess I tend to question science (or what some scientists call “science”), and someone, upon hearing some of my views, might even believe I’m “anti-science.” I disagree with that interpretation, but I can understand why they adopt that interpretation. This self-disclosure is only to point out that you probably shouldn’t rely on me too much for determining what you want to write about. So I go back to what “List of X” says and sign on to that.


  2. I might suggest to focus on science, book reviews and science communication. This is your strong side!!
    But your autism thought are also important – I would just make a new blog.


  3. I agree with the above comment – I would keep going but not necessarily keep to a schedule. I like the book reviews, science thoughts, etc. – add to it whenever the spirit moves you!


  4. I think the blog is supposed to be primarily useful to YOU 🙂
    And I would say keep writing it – you don’t have to keep a schedule (I don’t), but whenever you want to write something, you’ll have a place.


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