Never Again

Despite the things that I will say here, I want you to know that this is not a political post… Also, I was not particularly careful about the writing itself. That’s not important right now.

Depending on the time of the day and on the news that I allow myself to read about, I get depressed, sad, indignant, appalled, afraid, and back to depressed as I see how things are going in this country.

If you must know, I am talking specifically about the obscene, not-so-subtle official hostility to any person who does not belong to a certain ethnicity. I should not need to point out that (1) Race is a meaningless concept in every possible way, and (2) Unless you are of Native American ancestry, in all likelihood your genes have graced this hemisphere for just a little more than 500 years. Yes, YOU are descended from immigrants. So was I.

Any objective observer will agree with all the historians and sociologists who point out the terrifying similarities of what is going on right here, right now, with the attitudes championed by Nazi Germany. I don’t think that I have to tell you how did that end up, but if only to get some things off my chest, please allow me to say something.

No sane person denies that in Nazi Germany, people of certain ethnicities and cultures, and people with disabilities (as well as many other people for various other reasons) were deemed “undesirable” as a matter of public policy and as a consequence, many were rounded up in concentration camps, where all suffered horribly and millions died. It took the death of millions more to defeat this atrocity. And let’s make no mistake, our government is putting people in concentration camps right now.

Simply stated, I am terrified of what can happen here if we don’t fix this.

I am afraid whan can happen if  someday our government will decide that the ethnicity of my children is not “the right one”.

I am afraid of what might happen with my “differently abled” son.

I am afraid for the many people that might suffer or even die (just like the ones dying, again, RIGHT NOW) because of this. Again, just look at what are we doing to other people! We, a supposedly “Christian” country! This is not what Jesus would have stood for (And for that matter, Jesus himself would be treated in this country pretty much like we as a country are treating refugees; he was the “wrong”color, spoke the “wrong” language, and was born in the “wrong” country).

By the way, I am almost certain that any proponent of these policies does not really believe what their religion teaches, not even (and perhaps especially) more than a few religious leaders. I’d be terrified of my eventual meet with my creator if I did things like that, wouldn’t you?

You are safe because you are white, you say? What happens if we allow this to continue and one fine day, the only “sanctioned” people are whites of a certain culture other than yours? What then? Even if your motivations are selfish, hear me out!

Pardon the digression; I am distraught.

Moving on… Heck, these days I’m even reluctant to talk to people at, say, the gas station because of the possibility that some crazy person hears my accent and decides that I do not belong here. I can certainly take care of myself, but I live in a country that was ostensibly founded on the premise that I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO. At least, that’s the ideal.

This should not be a matter of opinion, or politics, or beliefs, or any other #&$*(#@ reason but how we treat our fellow humans.

Therefore, I add my voice to the ever-growing chorus of people who echo our Jewish brothers and sisters:

Never Again.

Any questions?

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  1. I share your fears. One of the things that bothers me most, personally, is how appealing it is for me to do nothing or very little. Partly, it’s that I don’t know what to do (other than vote), but partly it’s that for now, I’m not directly threatened. I’m part of a demographic that’s not likely to be targeted anytime soon. While, as you point out, that’s not necessarily a comfort, even from a selfishly motivated perspective, it does encourage me to choose complacency.

    I hope you’re wrong about all this. But it’s quite possible you’re not. My main solace is the fact (I take it to be a fact) that in the US, civil society and constitutional constraints, however weakened and however problematic they may be, seem stronger than than they were in Weimar Germany. However, even having to make that comparison signals that something has been lost.

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  2. Funny enough, I have the same fears. But I always have. The minority is always subject to the tyrrany of the majority.


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