I am a husband, a father of three, and a baldie who also happens to be a pretty good (I hope) University Professor and Researcher. My undergraduate degree is in General Science and my MS is in Biochemistry, both from the University of Puerto Rico. My PhD is in Pharmacology, with an emphasis in Neurobiology, from Cornell University.

I love science! (do I really need to say it?)

In this blog, I mainly talk about science, especially to non-scientists, but from time to time I explore topics like how is it like to raise a boy with autism, science fiction, education, etc. I am usually able to give these and other topics a scientific twist.

I also blog about my favorite (non-human) types of organisms, the flatworms, especially planarians. I use planarians as animal models in pharmacology. If you’d like to see my papers so far, click here.

Even though I am well published in scientific journals, I got the popular science writing bug relatively recently. I am a scientist who writes. Some of my favorite scientist/authors are Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins (his scientific writings), and of course, the one and only Isaac Asimov…

I hope you enjoy my posts.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone. They do not represent the views of my employer, my wife, my children, my parents & siblings, or Chuck Darwin…

Want to see more of the things I write? Go here for some other posts.

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Twitter: @Baldscientist

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