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The Voice of the Heart: A science fiction and autism story
Kindle Edition (2014)

From the Introduction: “Like any parent, I want to see my children happy, with lives of their own. Sadly, when you have a child with a disability, this dream of independence is oftentimes not an option. A virtually universal worry of any parent of such a child is what is going to happen when we are no longer able to take care of them. What would be of my child? Will others treat him well? Will he be safe and respected? Will he be loved? Quite frankly, these questions terrify me and oftentimes keep me awake at night.

The main character in this story lives in a moment in time when he has the means and the technology to make sure that his child is taken care of throughout his whole life. A dad can dream, right?

I, for one, would do what my protagonist did in a split second. Would you? How far would you go to take care of your precious child?”


You can find the story here.

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